Sweet Potato Waffles

It’s all about finding healthier alternatives to the things we love, right?! Either that or just a pain in the ass way to make everything we love with healthier ingredients. lol I swear I’m just being exaggerated and these sweet potato waffles aren’t that hard to make. They really are a better way of eating and they fit perfectly into many diets and even are vegan friendly.

What I loved about them was how filling they are. If you notice in the ingredients there are a lot of items that you normally have in your home, especially if you’re an overnight oats kind of person (I’ll have some recipes up soon for these). You can always top it with just maple syrup, a homemade berry compote or even just eat them as is. They play on that savory role that you could even just have them for dinner. I mean…who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!

Try them! Whip it up, cook them up and eat them up! When you’re done making them be sure snap a quick picture and send it this way. Tell me what you did differently or how you liked it.

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