New New.

I came back to write, to share and to just drool over food photos. Being able to have a place that holds all these photos and creations, that’s why I am back. This site, blog or whatever category it fits in, it’s not just meant for me. My intentions over the last 10+ years of writing was my outlet, but also one for others as well. People who need a place to just escape, who want to learn something new, who want to see from the eyes of someone else….that is the purpose of all of this.

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Pull Apart Bread

Who doesn’t love something simple for a group of people or even for you and bae? This recipe happens to be one of the easiest I’ve made during this winter season and for the holidays, but it’s good for all year round. I personally think the best part about this is that you can make a vegan version, an all cheese version for vegetarians or you can make it as meaty as you’d like.

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