New New.

I came back to write, to share and to just drool over food photos. Being able to have a place that holds all these photos and creations, that’s why I am back. This site, blog or whatever category it fits in, it’s not just meant for me. My intentions over the last 10+ years of writing was my outlet, but also one for others as well. People who need a place to just escape, who want to learn something new, who want to see from the eyes of someone else….that is the purpose of all of this.

Every single time I come back to post, I just let it go. I feel discouraged in some sense from self doubt and because I let things just get to me. I have to remember to block out any form of hate or negativity if I’m ever going to focus on something I enjoy. I cannot allow darkness to consume me all the time, I have to find the best way to overcome it.

All of this isn’t just meant for food, it’s meant to host all these ideas that I have, these visions. Over time you’ll notice that you can get a little bit of everything from me. I have a portfolio on the main page just for photos that I’ve captured and links to some of these photos for posts about them. Also, SmallChicksBigEats.Com is not gone! This domain goes directly to the ‘Eats’ section of the site. The domain is one I’ll cherish forever and I can’t ever let it go.

There’s so much to write about, I just wish I knew where to start exactly. My engagement, my health, living in California – these are still things I will touch on very soon. On the mean time I will post food, travels and random photos.

Cheers to a fresh start!

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