Mac & Cheese Cups

Mac & cheese is something I learned from my grandma. She never used flour in most of it and told me whipping cream gives it a nice little umph instead! She wasn’t lying at all, because mannnn it comes out so creamy and with the cheese you have the gooey texture. For years I’ve stuck to this recipe and I’ve just switch it up based on the cheese I use or if I’m using heavy whipping cream or just whipping cream.

The trick with mac & cheese is to make sure that you put your soul into it. You’ll want to just be dedicated to it at that time because that’s what a lot of people will gravitate towards at any table. When my Nana used to get down for any celebration, my cousins and I would be sure mac & cheese was on our plate first. Now trying to carry on the tradition and making her proud, I’m sharing it with everyone else.

Note that in this recipe you’ll be able to mess with it as your own. You can choose any cheeses and adjust the serving size based on who you’re feeding. But if you do end up having extra, mac & cheese it’s just as good the next day.

So get to it! Try it out and use this recipe to inspire a tradition of your own!

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