Homemade Garlic & Herb Butter

I forgot what Sheena and I were watching that made me want to try and make my homemade butter. There were so many different ways to make it and it all varied on what you had at home. I sat there wondering if heavy whipping cream would work just as good as regular whip….boyyyy let me tell you, I WILL NOT GO BACK!

The one thing however, with anything freshly made, it doesn’t have the longest shelf life unless you freeze it. If you want to change up how things taste in your kitchen, this would be the way to do it. We used it for a base of a cream sauce, over steak and even cooked down some carrots in it. I grabbed a fresh loaf of bread the same day at the bakery and we enjoyed it right over toast.

The down side of making homemade butter is that you’ll need a good gadget to get the whipping cream there. I have a KitchenAid stand mixer (Hamilton works as well) but you can make it in a hand mixer or do some exercises shaking it in a mason jar. You’ll do the same processes either way but do note that it’ll make a mess the faster you go. I covered my mixing bowl with a towel and tucked in the sides while it kept working. From here you can add anything you’d like. Wait until my next one!

Work out a delicious homemade butter and take a picture of what you used it on/with. Tag me and let me see what you’ve created!

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