Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque

Looking for something for any season to keep you warm or just make you feel good? Why not a grilled cheese or even better, a tomato bisque to dip it in! Something archived in my simple recipes book but one of my absolute favorite!

This meal is always on the menu in my house when we don’t want to spend “too much” time on something, but also want a dish that screams “I AM COMFORTING AF!” The one thing that’s crucial (to us) about this entire dish is the bread you choose. You can pick any bread you’d like but please purchase with caution – sour dough bread will always win! It’s spongelike abilities make it the super soaker upper of soups.

Enough of that however, it’s your turn to get in the kitchen and test it out….

[ultimate-recipe id=”1265″ template=”default”]

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