Commissary, Koreatown, LA

Placed in a hip and modern hotel right in the heart of Koreatown, the Commissary is one of those places you have to give a try. I haven’t been there in a year and it’s just a short distance from me. What a shame! You might have seen this quaint little restaurant in one of my favorite HBO series, Insecure. The atmosphere is one of the reasons you end up going there.

Tip #1: Be sure to go to and make a reservation. Sometimes you can get lucky snatching up a seat, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #2: Be sure that what you’re wearing you won’t get hot in. The restaurant is in a greenhouse so you’ll just have fans.

Tip #3: Think about the unlimited mimosas cost. With the buffet you can get all the food that you’d like + $18 unlimited mimosas. VS the menu, you’ll be grabbing whatever you want to eat + $25 unlimited mimosas. Down to eat, go for the buffet.

Tip #4 (only if it’s summer): Bring a bathing suit and towel. The Commissary is on the same level as the pool, right next to it as a matter of fact. Once your food digests, go hangout for a Saturday pool party with some good music.

Breakfast steak burrito [above]. Choriquiles [below].

Try the place out on your next visit in LA or when you just want to test out something new.

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