Baked Tostones & a Homemade Chimichurri Sauce

First thing’s first, who doesn’t love tostones?! Tostones are twice over fried plantains that a lot of Latinos (including myself) love! Keeping it healthy baking them was turns out to be an amazing alternative. Not only that but they are a vegan and vegetarian friendly additional to any meal. I cannot forget the other portion of this dish either…the chimichurri!

Chimichurri is a sauce you’d normally find in South American cuisines and it’s only that we all have come to love. My neighbor Leslie provided me with her recipe and I remixed it just a little bit. I decided to use the chimichurri as the sauce for the baked tostones because why not! It gives it such a flair and happens to be my third favorite sauce for tostones. The other two you ask? An avocado creama and an olive oil and garlic (message me for those recipes).

You’ll notice once you start making everything that you can cater to friends, family and even just someone special with these recipes. Both can be used differently, especially the chimichurri. You can marinate meats and fish with the chimichurri or my personal favorite, CAULIFLOWER STEAKS! Test all the methods out and send over a picture with the final product!

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