Açai Bowls

Once you’ve learned to make a homemade açai bowl I promise that you’ll be buying it out less. As nice as it is for someone else to chop the fruit up for you, there’s nothing like saving some money and not having to wait for the place to open. The other nice thing about it – you can put anything you’d want on top without having to tell someone, “Can you replace the strawberries with blueberries and add pineapple with bee pollen please?” Next you know you’re paying $14 for an açai bowl that you could have made 4 of at home by buying the items yourself.

I know, I know….I might have exaggerated a bit, but in all honestly, it’s just really about saving money and doing it yourself. Also, being able to present this bad boy to someone the next morning and they’ll be like “WOW you’re soooo healthy” and “You made this for me?!” Interested? Print the recipe below.

[ultimate-recipe id=”1245″ template=”default”]

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