#10: Keep It Simple.


Always trying to find ways to come back to this and make it what I want it to be. I realized though it’s about keeping it simple. People don’t ever expect too much, but do want to see what you write and what you have to share with them. I’ve been so focused on getting SmallChicksBigEats together and forgot that I need my original outlet that began before #SCBE. There’s so much to do and some times it feels like there isn’t enough time. Can’t let that break me though, have to keep going and know that it’s okay to take a break. I have to tell myself that I need it and I can’t be overworked because if not the work won’t be what I want it to be since I’ll be completely drained.

There is so much to come and I’m taking it day by day. Not reaching and trying to boast about what there is. It’s about being able to maintain that level of respect for yourself and for others while going through the motion. So I’m here, doing what needs to be done and what I want to be done so all of it can reach the next level. Where will it go from there? Who knows. At least the waters were tested.

Simple. Keeping it very simple. Stay tuned.

#9: Spewwww.

I’ve been just ranting and randomly entering little reminders for myself on Twitter. Thing with Twitter that we all know is that you’re sharing it with everyone. I do that with the reason that maybe people can relate. I’m not perfect, I state that and I know that for a fact, but there are plenty of things that I just do not agree on.

Over the course of the past 2-3 years I’ve taken a lot of what I’ve experienced and put them together. Noticing that some of what I’ve allowed to happen before is replaying itself. Maybe I’m not doing my best at not allowing it to happen, but I am trying to handle it differently this time around. It’s not always successful and there are times that I completely lose my mind, but I do know that it’s not going to be okay.

People think abuse is just in the form of physically being hit. We forget that abuse can be mental and emotional. No one should do that to anyone and there is a thin line between it. If you curse someone out for how you feel about them, that is not abuse that is you completely over things with them and fed up. Now if you are cursing them out on a day to day to make them feel less of themselves, that is emotional abuse. There are people so blind to what they’re doing because they are always so far up their own ass that they never know, but they do do it. It’s hard to tell someone who always thinks they’re right about themselves. Me? It’s hard to tell me about myself because then I’ll begin to pin-point all the bull shit you do too and need to know. I make it a back and forth.

No one likes to hear about themselves. It’s one thing to hear and make changes, it’s another thing to hear and then just go back to your old bull shit. Everyone is flawed and the hardest thing is to hear from someone that they’re completely disappointed in you, especially if it’s someone you deeply care for.

There’s just so much that relates to abuse and how people like to completely take advantage of people. I don’t like when it’s done by those who claim to be your friends, that is the worst. If they’re not doing it to you, trust me they’re doing it to someone else. It’s so easy for them to manipulate you, they’re friend, imagine someone who isn’t even a “friend” yet. But that’s the fault of someone else for being so naive.

I keep reminding myself that I have sacrificed so much and made things happen thanks to me and my love and support system. I tell myself that you have to send that simple “I love you” and “Thank you” to those who have done nothing but held you down and helped you. Those things mean so much so you’re never taking anyone for granted. I learned though that you can’t expect that from everyone, especially the people who you have provided it all for and bent backwards for because those people might be too caught up in themselves.

The point of this? Just to share thoughts. If you write something and someone is offended, maybe the shoe fits. Don’t change yourself for anyone, change for yourself. If anything you should just give less of yourself to someone who isn’t worthy of it. It is not okay to be taken advantage of and abused. Those who matter will show you they care. They won’t do it because they want something in return and want to use you in the long run. People who show you love here and there, if you feel off by it, maybe it’s because they’re doing it in order to get you around.

Live according to you and know that it is all an experience that you can only take it and learn from it.