#11: Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

I can close my eyes and picture all the times that I’ve looked at this view. How peaceful it is to see what the world has to offer us. To just be able to bask in your surroundings and the beauty of it all. Looking at this photo I feel so many emotions that it becomes a blur. This sight, this will never be a blur to me. How I’ve shared it, what it did to me, the push in life it has provided me. It was my sweet escape to rebuilding myself. That little bit of motivation that I needed, that simple reminder…keep pushing through in life.

The Golden Gate, the bridge to that land that is so far. The travels. The drive. It’s strength. I need it’s strength.

Soon enough.

#10: Keep It Simple.


Always trying to find ways to come back to this and make it what I want it to be. I realized though it’s about keeping it simple. People don’t ever expect too much, but do want to see what you write and what you have to share with them. I’ve been so focused on getting SmallChicksBigEats together and forgot that I need my original outlet that began before #SCBE. There’s so much to do and some times it feels like there isn’t enough time. Can’t let that break me though, have to keep going and know that it’s okay to take a break. I have to tell myself that I need it and I can’t be overworked because if not the work won’t be what I want it to be since I’ll be completely drained.

There is so much to come and I’m taking it day by day. Not reaching and trying to boast about what there is. It’s about being able to maintain that level of respect for yourself and for others while going through the motion. So I’m here, doing what needs to be done and what I want to be done so all of it can reach the next level. Where will it go from there? Who knows. At least the waters were tested.

Simple. Keeping it very simple. Stay tuned.