To be able to see through someone and their reasons for doing things. To know what someone is fully capable of and knowing why they do it.

A person unable to go through the trial period, but instead rather jump on the bandwagon when they see it will benefit them. The person who wants the perks of everything and wants credit for all that they put their hands on.


To drain someone of all the energy that there is. To take all that they can without putting in the effort that is needed. To constantly rely on another and give nothing in return. To never be genuine and rather exploit what they can. To live off of their host.

There comes a point where you just need to cleanse. You have to cleanse; your mind, your body your soul. There even comes  a point where you have to cleanse yourself of your surroundings and the people in it.

At times we allow ourselves to take too much of the blame, instead of giving people to the opportunity to grow. We continue to weigh ourselves down in all these negative energies and manipulative people because we think we are helping them. Instead of allowing them to learn something for themselves and become better we decide to protect them. Protecting people that we care for and love because we don’t ever want them to feel they have to go through something alone. We want them to know that we are there for them and we support them. But support isn’t allowing yourself to get beat up by someone else’s problems and instability. Support isn’t about giving the person this chance of completely driving you into the ground because they are unhappy with their lives and don’t want to face it or how to even just admit it. Instead, we suck it up for them while they continue to put on this front for the world. They continue to act like they are owed something and in turn mistreat you, find ways to sway you and you then become one of the people who they want them to make up for what they think they’re owed.

But you….you sit here dragging yourself while they attempt to shine. They do whatever it takes to prove that there isn’t anything wrong with them and put together all these lies. Eventually they get caught up in what they once said because there are so many that their life revolves around it. What do you do? You let them. You let them lie to you and you let them walk all over you. Do they even notice? Not one bit. Why? Because they are so self-centered and do not care an inch about you.

So while you are sitting here feeling like utter and complete crap all thanks to someone else and you trying to do what you feel is the right thing, they are living their life knowing you’ll be there to help. So what now?

What you do now is distance yourself. You take time for you and put things in order. Evaluate what your life, yourself and the people in it. Devise a plan and figure out what you need to do next. CLEANSE! And once you detox yourself from all of that negativity and all of those dark souls – try not to fall back into that trap. And if you do it’s okay. Cleansing doesn’t happen just once. You can do it again in 5 years, in 6 months or next week. Remember that you are most important in this process and ultimate experience the universe hands you. You have to remember that you will battle some demons and fight through some wars. But what you can’t ever forget is that when you need to remove yourself, distance yourself and get yourself in order – it is okay. Do not feel any guilt. Those who matter will respect and understand it. They will be there when you’re ready to get back into things. They won’t ever make you feel like you are undeserving of becoming a better you all because you will no longer benefit them.

Hey self….good luck!