I’ve come to realize that not everyone will understand our decisions. Not all people will be able to relate to us. We are given the opportunity to create our own journey and it is up to us to make it remarkable. People will not always agree with the route you take, but that should not stop you. Expand your horizons and trust in yourself to do something different. Do not allow people to be the judge of who you are without giving all of yourself to be the best that you are.


To be able to see through someone and their reasons for doing things. To know what someone is fully capable of and knowing why they do it.

A person unable to go through the trial period, but instead rather jump on the bandwagon when they see it will benefit them. The person who wants the perks of everything and wants credit for all that they put their hands on.


To drain someone of all the energy that there is. To take all that they can without putting in the effort that is needed. To constantly rely on another and give nothing in return. To never be genuine and rather exploit what they can. To live off of their host.